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Avoid doing this in Cambodia

By Unseentra Mar 30, 2020 172

When visiting a new country, there are some certain things that you need to avoid doing in order to not insulting the local or getting jail time. Therefore, there are fews things that you need to realize not to do during your visit to the country.


1.     Avoid insulting the Monarch


King is the symbolic figure of Cambodian people, they play important roles in keeping the country in peace and moving forward. Insulting a King through your social activities, for instance, posting defamation post on social media or any other way in public can probably ban  you from entering the country or imprisonment.


2.     Avoid Disrespect the monk


There are 96% of the total population believe in Buddhism, thus, if you disrespect the monks, who is the body of the Buddha is forbiddingly intolerant in Cambodian society. Those activities include touching the monks, defamation through social media. Etc.

3.     Avoid drinking tap water


The only safe water is a pure drinking water. Tap water is used for cleaning purpose, shower and washing. Etc.

4.     Avoid short-dress


Particular dressing code is somehow enforced to the certain point, which you have to follow to avoid being deny to entering the places. For example, visiting Angkor Wat, Royal Palace, Museum or another local shrine.




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