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Best 7 alternative things to do in Siem Reap

By Unseentra Jun 10, 2020 187


Siem Reap is a mega hub of an ancient temple and a bucket list destination for everyone around the world. There are hundreds of temples if not thousands laid across the county and the famous of all is Angkor Wat. Though you cannot miss visiting the world heritage during your time here in Cambodia, you can add these activities to level up your experiences.

1.     Zip Line

Looking for the extra taste to your adventure in Siem Reap, take a zip line tour and enjoy the thrilled of the ride through the green forest of the ancient archeological park of Angkor. Not only that you will have new experiences but the knowledge in wildlife and local stories as well.


Picture: Angkor Zipline

2.     Archery Class

Well, that might not be in your bucket-list when you decide to visit Siem Reap, however, taking Archery Class might spark your inspiration to be one of the world famous in Archery sport, so why not?

Picture: Royal Archery Club

3.     Quad Bike / Off Road

Getting yourself cover in dirt and dust after 3 or 4 hours ride of quad bike, dirt bike off the road to the countryside of Siem Reap is a vivid experience, which everyone cannot imagine until they do it by themselves. Taking a different shot and enjoy Siem Reap like no others.

Picture: Cambodia Quad Bike

4.     Visiting Buddhist Monastery

Siem Reap is the land of ancient and mystery, you never know what you will stumble yourself on but whatever you are looking to know about this province, do not overlook the ancient pagoda. There are a great number of ancient Buddist monasteries in Siem Reap and you will be amazed at how much history is hidden there.

Picture: Siemreap.net 

5.     Enjoying Street food

Emerging yourself to the street food of Siem Reap will be your eye-opening experience related to food. You may find people eating bugs, tarantula, scorpions, and many more. The food itself presents the story of how Cambodian people have changed over the year and the reason why bug is a popular snack.

6.     Learning how to cook

You may fall in love with food in Cambodia, which is a combination of spicy and salty flavors. Therefore, given yourself sometimes to learn deep down on how to make it and bring those memories and taste back home.


7.     Learning how to make your own pottery or arts

Keep great memories about visiting Siem Reap, rather than just buying yourself souvenirs, why not make one yourself. Not many people realized that they can make their own souvenir when you join a class of art or pottery making in Siem Reap. So, be an artist yourself.

Picture: Wader Lush


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