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Can 20 USD per day is enough for you to survive in Cambodia?

By Unseentra Jun 11, 2020 144

If you are first time in Cambodia, the number of questions you may try to figure out how expensive is traveling in Cambodia? What are their currency? Should I bring decent amount of cash along with me? Many questions will pop up as you plan your get away with this little tropical country. So, the real question, how much can you survive in Cambodia? Is 20 USD or 80,000 Riel enough?

Planning your budget right is one of the way to save you from running out of cash during your traveling and get you to more destinations. Thus, here how 20 USD per day in Cambodia can be just about enough for you.

First thing first, get yourself a shelter, a bunk bed in Phnom Penh or Siem Reap in general cost you around 8 USD to 10 USD in average. However, you may find somewhere cheaper as low as 5 USD per night in some other province such as Mondulkiri.

After get yourself a comfortable roof to rest, let’s eat, street food and local vendor are your choice for decent good meals and chances to explore locally. Breakfast might cost you around 1 USD to 1.5 USD, you can have a noodle soup, porridge or pork rice. Getting yourself a 1.5 liter bottle of water may cost you around 0.5 to 1 USD, though, you can ask your hostel whether they provide refilled water to save you even more. Secondly, each lunch and dinner can cost you around 2 USD to 2.5 USD each and if you want a can of beer, it can cost about 0.75 USD to 1 USD.

Picture: Khmer

All in all, fairly 20 USD is not enough for everything, however, it can provide you food and shelter. If you plan to visit many other places, experiences and moving a lot across the city, you need more than 20 USD for sure.

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