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Code of Conduct you need know before visiting Angkor

By Unseentra May 25, 2020 949

Looking for traveling to Cambodia in your next vacations, Angkor Wat and other ancient temples are certainly in one of your bucket-list attractions to visit in Cambodia. Thus, these are code of conduct, which you should know prior or during your visit to this wonderful Kingdom of Cambodia.

1.     Dress Code


Revealing clothes, which is above your Knee or showing bare shoulders, are prohibited in these sacred thousands of years old temples. If you violate the rule, you will be denied entry or you need to purchase Sarong to cover yourself before you can enter the temple.  Therefore, we encourage you to dress in respected manners.

2.     Monument


Touching carving status, sitting on the fragile structures, leaning on temple structures and moving ancient artifact or graffiti are strictly prohibited. Umbrella with sharp tips, high heels and tripod are discourage from being brought or worn inside the temple.

3.     Sacred Sites


Angkor Wat as well as other temples are the sacred ancient sites. Loud conversation, noise and other inappropriate behavior in Cambodian culture is considered being offensive and disturb other visitors. Please maintain respectfulness.

4.     Restricted Areas


For you own safety, please comply with all signs and be mindful of your steps at all times. Angkor Wat and others temples are timely on conservation and also for your own safety.

5.     Smoking and Littering


Please do not smoke and litter inside Angkor. As the member of World Health Organization, Angkor has been a smoke free zone since 2002. Smoking disturb others and can start bush fire around the temple.

6.     Candy or Money to Children


Buying items or giving money to children will encourage them not to attend schooling but beg for money from tourists. If you wish to help children, please consider recognized charity or organization.

7.     Monk


If you want to take picture with the monk, please as permission first. Especially, women should not touch nor stand or sit too clothes to the monk. Monks are revered and highly respected in Cambodia.


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