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The most favorite destinations for the motorbike road trip in Cambodia

By Unseentra Dec 11, 2021 4762

There are hundreds of things to do in Cambodia from exploring the ancient cultural heritage to enjoying the sunset at the most beautiful beach in the world. However, little do we know that about other hidden gems such as off-road riding, trekking and hiking to capture the beautiful terrain hiding in the tropical jungle of the Cambodia. 


In the past few year, the rising number motorbike enthusiast has sparked many interests of the people to discover Cambodia though the long-distance riding across the country. Therefore, as the motorbike road trip lover myself, though I am the amateur rider, I would like to recommend you to explore these few places, where there is beautiful scenic road to accompany you along the way.




Small town at the south coast of Cambodia, Kampot is an extremely popular destination among the local rider as it is pretty much around 170 KM from the capital city of Cambodia and as many beginner road trip lovers will embark their motor bike road trip journey to this city.  At this town, there are many ways to explore if you are the off-road rider, you may find many dirt roads, where you can ride through villages and terrain. At the same time, you can also ride up the Bokor Mountain, which is about 1000 m above the sea level.


Koh Kong 


Another coastal city, which is next Trat provinces of Thailand, therefore, if you are the cross-border rider and planning to cross from Cambodia through Trat to explore Koh Chang or Pattaya, choose this road and you will be amazed on the beautiful up and down the hill road. The Koh Kong city is around 300 KM from Phnom Penh. If you are on your way there, get off the main road and go off on the local village to explore the beautiful island such as Koh Sdach or eco-tourism community such as Chi Pat eco-community.



Veal Veng 


Veal Veng is the newest destination that I have been riding to in this year, it is about 330 km to the west side of the city, which the road is currently under construction. Nonetheless, after about 5 hours of riding, I reach one of the most beautiful unexplored destination, which I should never overloosk it for the long time. The surrounding of the mountain, camping night under the 360 viewpoints, it was totally worth all the effort.

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