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The most beautiful flooded village in Siem Reap

By Unseentra Feb 27, 2020 74

If you talk about Siem Reap, the first thing pop on your mind is Angkor Wat. However, when it comes to floating village, Kompong Pluk is one of the favorite village among the local and tourists. It takes about 1 hours to reach the village by car or three-wheel drive (tuk tuk). Exploring that village is so memorable and joyful for every moment since the first step on small boat, which going to bring you around.


First thing that you will notice that some of boat driver is barely 15 years old but do not worry they are pretty much skillful to keep you safe since boat is their only home. Secondly, structure of the house is definitely the most interesting. People build it slim and tall up to 10 m above the ground. Building the house this way has kept the family away from the rising of the lake during raining season. Moreover, one of our favorite activities there is riding a small rowing boat along the flooded forest. It is so refreshing and fun.

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