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The only hot spring in Cambodia

By Unseentra Jun 21, 2020 309


Hot spring is extremely rare in Cambodia and there is only one place, which is called Te Teuk Pus. It is located about 60 KM north of Kompong Speu provincial town at Oral District.  Not many tourists beside local realize about the existence of the hot spring, except for those, who are looking for adventure since one of the famous trekking trail is not far away from the spot.


The hot spring itself is a sacred place for the local people, who believe that it heals the illness and bring good luck to them. If you are looking to explore it, make sure you do it with the trekking experience otherwise it is not worth enough to spend time visiting its alone.


Location : https://bit.ly/3hKgfOJ

Distance from Phnom Penh : 113 KM


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