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The unknown fall of Mondulkiri, Cambodia

By Unseentra Mar 30, 2020 337

Leng Ong Leng Khin fall is located in Orieng district. Tourists, especially, foreigners are up to this fall by trekking for 1 day or 2 days through tropical rainforest and terrains. Yet, you can still reach this fall by motorbike or car as well since new road is built to reach it effortlessly.


This fall has two parts, the first one is laying right before your eyes just after you walking down the hill from parking spot. Surrounding by bamboo forest and nature, the first fall is usually a place for relaxing and family friendly because there is a shack which you can just having a picnic and let your child swim without losing your eyes on them. The second fall, you need trek about 300 m or more through nature partway but pay attention since you might get lost as well since there is no directional sign. When you reach there, thing get windy and wetly and walk your way down to the bottom of the fall carefully, walkway is steep and slippery.

When you reach down there, enjoy.



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