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Most important public holiday to know before visiting Cambodia

The world probably lists Cambodia as one of the country, which has a lot of public holidays. Some of them are well the most important for the nation

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Best one-day trip from Phnom Penh city

One day trip is thrilling and tiring at the same time but we sometime need a simple day trip to get away for a Sunday drive or just to visit a few new attractions.

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All you need to do : Visiting Phnom Penh

You may list the Phnom Penh city as the last destination of your travel in Cambodia. Well, if it is your last few days in the kingdom, let’s rock and roll and get the most out of your trip.

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Top 5 well-known local market in Phnom Penh

Let’s do things different, travelers typically spend much time exploring or shopping in modern supermarkets or department stores. You can be different, stopover at these 5 best well-known

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The best vegan friendly and unique coffee shop in Phnom Penh

Some may franchise other famous local and international brand such as Starbuck.etc. However, there are some exceptional local coffee shops, which providing extra value to their shop

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All you need to know about Travel by Bus in Cambodia

There are almost 7 million people from all around the world visiting the Kingdom of Cambodia annually. Moving inside the country can be tricky and a waste of time

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Top 3 modern Shopping Mall in Phnom Penh

If you love shopping or visiting one during your travelling around the Phnom Penh city,

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Avoid doing this in Cambodia

When visiting a new country, there are some certain things that you need to avoid doing in order to not insulting the local or getting jail time.

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The unknown fall of Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Tourists, especially, foreigners are up to this fall by trekking for 1 day or 2 days through tropical rainforest and terrains.

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