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Term & Condition


You do AGREE and ACKNOWLEDGE that you have already read and accepted the following Terms, Conditions and Disclaimers prior to accessing our services.


Under this Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer:


“Unseentra” means Private Limited Company registered as a legal entity under the law of the Kingdom of Cambodia.


“Local Operators” means any external tourist service providers who are using Unseentra’s services. The Local Operators are not regarded as Unseentra’s employee or a contractor under hire of work agreement under Cambodia Labor Law.


“Customers” means any persons who are accessing and/or using the service provided by Unseentra and Local Operators for the purpose of travelling.


Unless otherwise specified, all services including Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer herein shall be govern by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Cambodia and the court of competent jurisdiction in Cambodia will have exclusive jurisdiction in case of dispute. https://www.unseentra.com




Unseentra provides an online platform through which Customers can browse different types of travel facilities, including but not limit to tourist guide and trip listing service. In rendering the services, Unseentra shall not be deemed or construed as operating a tourist service or any others services having the same nature. Unseentra does not act as an agent for both Local Experts and Customers in matching the travel facilities and/or trip listing. However, in order to avoid a fraud undertaken by Local Operators, Unseentra will hold the payment paid from the Customers to the Local Operator until the end of travel plan.


The information that Unseentra discloses about travel facilities is based on the information provided by Local Operators whereby such Local Operators are fully responsible for providing an accurate and complete information (including but not limit to travel arrangement, rates, availability, description, pictures, booking conditions, hotel policies and other information). In this regard, Unseentra reserves the right to verify or delete any information in this web site at its own discretion without any prior notice.


By accessing this web site, Customers agree that Unseentra shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of the use of the travel facilities and/or trip listing service, including information and materials contained herein or from Customers’ access to other materials on the Internet via links from this web site. In this regard, the Local Operators shall be responsible toward loss or damage arising out of the information and travel facilities and/or trip listing service offered by the Local Experts to the Customers through Unseentra.


In cases of modification or cancellation of services, any refund shall be in accordance with Unseentra’s “Cancellation Policy” as appeared under Unseentra web site. https://www.unseentra.com



The information and contents contained in this web site are copyrighted materials owned or controlled by Unseentra and/or Local Operators as the case may be. Any use, copy, modification, transmission, storing, publishing or distributing of the information and contents on this web site, or creating any other materials using materials in this web site, is strictly prohibited. Local Operators agree that Unseentra reserves the right to use, copy, modify, transmit, store, publish or distribute the information and contents in this web site, regardless whether it is owned or controlled by any Local Operators, for any commercial and non-commercial purposes.


Notwithstanding of the foregoing paragraph, Local Operators agree that Unseentra shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage arising out of the infringement of intellectual property law in relation to an unauthorized use of the information and contents owned by the Local Operators by any persons. In this regard, Local Operators also warranty that all contents used/to be used in this web site are not intellectual property infringed under the law of the Kingdom of Cambodia and under the law of the countries where such information and contents are used/to be used. https://www.unseentra.com



Customers can enquire information by accessing through the provided access point in order to ensure that they fully understand the terms and conditions of the travel plan. At the time of booking, it shall be deemed that Customers agree and accept the terms and conditions of such travel plan. The booking shall be deemed completed once the payment has been made through Unseentra’s system where Unseentra will confirm the payment by sending out the payment receipt and voucher to the Customers.


The payment shall be made by Customers in accordance with the amounts calculated under the “Confirmation” section (which already includes Unseentra’s service fee). The exchange rate shall be provided by Unseentra which could be changed without any prior notice. Customer agree and accept that they shall bear any payment fees triggered by the related commercial banks.


Customers agree and accept that the payment under the foregoing paragraph may not inclusively cover all cost related to such travel facilities and/or trip listing service which would depend on the conditions provided by the Local Operators.


In case of dispute, Unseentra may assist to facilitate the dispute resolution between Customers and Local Operators. In such case, Unseentra reserves the right to retain the payment due to be made to the Local Operators until the dispute is resolved. Without limitation, both Customers and Local Operators agree and accept that Unseentra can access (at any time) and disclose any information related to Customers and Local Operators to authorities for the purpose of investigation. https://www.unseentra.com



All parties agree that Unseentra will take its best endeavors to ensure that all Tourist Representatives would operate travel business in due course. All Tourist Representatives represent and warranty that they possess/complete all necessary and valid licenses/registrations with authorities. In this regard, the verification process includes, but not limited to, (i) online verification; (ii) offline evidence verification; and (iii) face-to-face contact verification. Where there is an absence of any licenses/registrations without Unseentra’s knowledge, Local Operators agree and accept that they shall be responsible for all damage and lost arising from such absence.


Local Operators can contact Customers through messaging system provided by Unseentra. It is agreed that Unseentra shall not share any responsibility or liability with respect to the conversation between Customers and Local Operators. Both Customers and Local Experts agree and accept that all conversation made through Unseentra’s platform is subject to a verification and/or modification by Unseentra as appropriated.


Local Operators shall conduct their duty in accordance with the travel facilities and/or travel listing service as agreed with the Customers. Without limitation, Local Operators agree and accept that they shall hold harmless for all claims against Unseentra in relation to the customer review.


Any modification or amendment of travel facilities and/or trip listing service or Local Operators after the time Unseentra sends out the payment receipt and voucher to the customers would require a prior consent from the Customers. Unseentra shall have no liability arising from force majeure situation regardless whether it is taken place by Local Operators or Customers’ fault.


Unseentra shall retain the payment made by Customers in relation to the travel facilities and/or trip listing service until the completion of such travel and shall transfer the payment as such to Local Operators within 1 month or 30 days from the date the trip finishes. Local Operators agree and give consent that Unseentra can deduct the service fee, unless both parties have agreed otherwise. https://www.unseentra.com



Customers accept that the review is only for the purpose of sharing Customers’ opinion toward travel facility, trip listing service or Local Operators with other perspective/existing customers. Customers represent and warranty that (i) the contents that they post or distribute through Unseentra’s platform do not violate the laws and regulations under the related jurisdictions, and (ii) such contents do not cause injury to any person or entity. Customers agree that Customers shall be solely responsible for any damage arising from the contents that Customers have posted as such. Without limitation, Unseentra has no participation and shall share no responsibility in the legal action arising from such review.


In respect of the foregoing paragraph, all contents submitted to Unseentra shall be regarded as non-confidential and Unseentra is under no obligation to considered such contents as protected information under specific laws. Unseentra reserves the right to adjust, modify, translate, edit, refuse, delete or remove review at its own discretion without prior notice. https://www.unseentra.com



Unless express stipulated thereof, Customers’ information shall be treated as confidential. Unseentra shall not disclose a personally identifiable information to any third parties without consent, however, Customers agree that Unseentra may disclose Customers’ personal information to Local Operators, law enforcement agencies and government for security, customs and immigration purposes, our lawyers and legal advisors for establishing, exercising or defending our legal right.


Regardless the foregoing, all payment information, including credit card information shall be maintained and treated in accordance with the confidential policy imposed by “Payment Gateway”. Unseentra reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. https://www.unseentra.com


1.7 Disclaimer


All parties acknowledge that Unseentra is not liable for defamatory, offensive, infringing or illegal contents or materials or conduct or that of third parties, and Unseentra reserves the right to remove such contents or materials from the Unseentra’s web site without liability.


All contents, including, but not limited to text, figures, timetables, photographs, graphics, etc., in any Unseentra’s web site may contain technical errors or typing inaccuracies or other types of errors or inaccuracies. Unseentra assumes no responsibility whatsoever for any such errors or inaccuracies. All parties agree not to hold Unseentra liable for the consequence of any action(s) all parties may take on the basis of the information contained on any this web site. https://www.unseentra.com