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Phnom Penh : Traditional water blessing tour


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There are about 96% of Cambodian people who follow the practice of Buddhism in their daily lives. You may notice that there are thousands of Buddhist monasteries across Cambodia, which you can certainly visit to learn more about it.

People go to the pagoda for different reasons and on various occasions throughout the year. You can go and ask for blessings, offer food to the monks, and also pray for your ancestors.

On this special local tour, our local expert will show you the famous shrine, where many people from all over the country come to pray for blessings and leave offerings. After that, we will walk along the riverside towards the pagoda of Ounalom, which was built in 1422 and is one of the oldest pagodas in Phnom Penh City. There, you can see various buildings that function differently from each other, including the main Wat or temple. Our local expert can show you a bit of history, and then we will proceed to a water blessing ceremony performed by a monk.

This tour is very special, as you will learn how local people believe and how these sorts of activities have been traced back thousands of years and are practiced on different occasions.


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