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Learn Kun Khmer when you are in Cambodia

By Unseentra Oct 31, 2023 2660

Kun Khmer is a Cambodian combat sport , It is also known as Pradal Serey, which means "free fighting" or "free boxing" in Khmer. Kun Khmer is believed to have originated from the Khmer Empire period and it has been a part of Cambodian culture for centuries.

Kun Khmer is a striking-based martial art that uses punches, kicks, elbows, and knees. It is also known for its use of clinch fighting, where the fighters grapple each other and try to land strikes from close range. Kun Khmer fighters are trained to be very tough and durable, and they are known for their powerful kicks and elbows.

Kun Khmer is a popular sport in Cambodia, and it is also practiced in other countries around the world. There are many professional Kun Khmer fighters, and the sport is often featured in television every weekend and weekday. Kun Khmer is also a popular tourist attraction, and there are many Kun Khmer gyms and schools that cater to tourists.

Kun Khmer is a rich and diverse martial art that has a long history in Cambodia. It is a challenging and rewarding sport to practice, and it is a great way to learn about Cambodian culture.

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