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Experience the top 4 amusement parks around Phnom Penh

By Unseentra Jan 30, 2021 5665

Spending time with the family must be one of the top lists to do in the weekend, however, spending it wisely and happily at the right place can bring more joy to kids and improve their social understanding and education as well. These are the top 5 recommended amusement parks in Phnom Penh, where you and your family will love to do together on the weekend.

1.     The Phnom Penh Safari Park


The Phnom Penh Safari Park is one of the first safari park in Phnom Penh, it is located about 20 KM outside of the city. At the safari, you may find various kind of animals from around the world including Giraffe, Elephants, Tiger and many more. Besides that, you can also do the water paddling, feeding fish & other animal as well, which make you feel relaxing and restful under the scorching sun of Cambodia. Book your ticket here.


2.     Dinosaurs Alive Park


Well, yes, that’s Dinosaurs Alive park, your kid will love it for sure, they will be shocked, thrilled and love to see the giant animals are moving right in front of their eyes. The Dinosaurs Alive park is at Chroy Changva, about 2 kms from the historical site of Wat Phnom. Moreover, beside the robotic giant animal walking next to you, kids can also learn about each species, how long ago that they have extinction as well as their specialty too.

3.     Prince Manor Resort


A brand-new amusement park with various exciting activities that you can experience has finally opened to welcome you and your family in since late 2020. One of their most thrilling things to do is Go-Kart racing, which you can race against another racer to win the weekly fast rider as well. More than that, they also have a signature water park and much more.

4.     Garden City water park


A multi millions dollar water slide complex was built close to the Phnom Penh Safari, since it opened in Novemeber 2020, there are no other water park in Cambodia that come pretty close to the experience that you have been enjoying at the Garden City Water Park. They have a modern water cannon and others water sliding trails that bring you the world class experiences and safety.

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