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Top 3 modern Shopping Mall in Phnom Penh

By Unseentra Apr 30, 2020 2035

If you love shopping or visiting one during your travelling around the Phnom Penh city, these are the top 3 recommended shopping malls in Phnom Penh city. It is not ranked from best to worse, experience it yourself.



Grand Opening about 5 years ago, AEON MALL Phnom Penh has been one of the kind and still a popular mall in all of Phnom Penh city. It offers all you need from a delicious dining to high class designer brand of clothes. This mall has won and changing on how Cambodian shopping.



This one is even bigger than the previous one. It took a whole nation to visit this market when they did their grand opening in early 2019. Moreover, it also upgraded with more of the indoor entertainment, lavish lifestyle shop, water garden, aquarium and more.

3.     The Olympia City Mall


The mall is built in the heart of the city. The building complex consists of Apartment, office, Hotel and school. To its signature, it is a home of one of the longest escalator ride in Cambodia. It took us about 2 min and a half to reach a 5th floor.



These are the honorable mention since it is more of the community mall,

4.     Chipmong Noro Mall


With its unique greenery design, it is of course deserved a place in a top modern mall in area of Boung Keng Kong.


5.     Mid-Town Mall

Its location is a bit far away from the center of the city but this community mall consists of a modern design cafeteria and cinema.


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