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One Day Itinerary in Battambang province

By Unseentra Mar 10, 2020 1980

Battambang is one of the largest province in Cambodia and it is well-known for its production of rice, which largely supply locally and export to the other country in EU region. Etc. However, if talking about touristic attractions, there are plenty to explore. Here is our 1-day itinerary in Battambang, which will help you get the most out of it.

7:00 am Ek Phnom Temple

After your breakfast, you can start your day by visiting the antique temple, Ek Phnom, which is located about 13 km north of Battambang provincial town. On the way to the temple, you can get a glimpse of Cambodian livelihood, local market on the side of the road and children riding for school. About 30 mins, you will arrive the site, which hidden behind the Buddhist pagoda.

9:00 am Wat Somrong Knong

This 300 years old Buddhist temple complex is located about 6 km from Battambang on the east bank of Sangke River. So, after coming back from Ek Phnom Temple, this is your next destination. You can witness the main temple building which built more than 100 years ago as well as learning about its dark history during Khmer rouge.

10:00 am Wat Domrey Sor

This Buddhist temple is one of the well-known in the Cambodia since it has been featured numeral times by our singer during 60s and 70s song. Moreover, the great architectural design of building has made it stand out among other pagoda in the area while the painting and sculpture are incredibly beautiful.

11:00 am 100 years old house

Bunroueng House has built since 1920 in traditional khmer style, known as “Pet”. Though, it is almost 100 years old but it has stood and fought it ways through many regimes including the Khmer Rouge. Visiting there will allow you to know more about history of Cambodia as well as the history of the house itself, presenting by the owner of the house. Moreover, eating your lunch there is a must but you can try to order earlier so they can prepare it freshly.

1:00 pm Banon

Departing from Wat Kor village after lunch and heading your way to Banon district, you can notice Banon temple from far away. This little temple hid on top of Banon mountain, 400 m off the ground, had built since 11th century. Though, today some of its parts are fragilely old but the whole complex is practically remaining on its original shape.

2:30 pm Lorry riding

After walking up and down the mountain to have a good glimpse of Banon temple, now you can enjoy the legendary ride of Lorry at the foot of the mountain. Lorry or Bamboo train was originally using old train part for their service. However, now as the train service reestablished in Battambang, Bamboo train has moved to the conventional track in order to keep their service alive. Riding it will give you a good view of livelihood along the track as well as a beautiful view of Battambang’s country side.

4:30 pm Visit Sompov Mountain

Phnom Sompov should be your sum up for today exploration of Battambang. This regarded mountain has been known as the quiet place, which is basically great for meditation purpose, pre-historical site, cave exploration and a good view from the top.

6:00 pm Bat Watching

All day exploration can be spilled by the end of the day activity. So, don’t go anywhere else far away from Sompov mountain since you will miss the spectacle views of millions of bats leaving its cave. Grab your beer, relax and enjoy the show.

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