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All you need to know about Travel by Bus in Cambodia

By Unseentra Apr 30, 2020 256

All you need to know about bus travel in Cambodia.


There are almost 7 million people from all around the world visiting the Kingdom of Cambodia annually. Moving inside the country can be tricky and a waste of time if you do not know what to do or what you will face during the travel.


Therefore, this is the guide for your next bus trip in Cambodia.

1.     Check your Bus company background


Well Well, this is not a new tip but be sure to check it twice whether the bus company you are taken is well-known and up for their reputation or not. Check it out on the review app, post on facebook Cambodian travelling to see their recommendation. This kind of service is typically subjective, you may experience a great service but some are not enjoying at all. Thus, rules number one, check the bus company background.

2.     Expect the unexpected


Things can get way out of hand sometime when it comes to travel. First thing first, the bus might not depart on time, it can be 10 to 20 minutes late on a normal day. However, you must need to be at the bus stations on time. Otherwise, you are the one to blame for late departure. On the way, for some bus companies, they will stop from time to time to pick up none-ticketed guest and it is normal to see people are being seated on the walkway. Moreover, travel by bus on public holiday, good luck avoiding the crowd if you buy the wrong company.

3.     There are night buses services


If you want to save some money from paying hostel, well there is an option, travel at night and fall asleep on the way. This can be extremely tricky since you might end up sharing a small bed with a stranger or you need to pay double price to keep extra space for yourself. In recent year, there are number of open route for night bus across the province and the border to Vietnam and Thailand. Thus, enjoy the night ride.


Wait! Choose best time to departure or you may end up arriving to early at your destination.

4.     Be aware of your personal belonging


It can be extremely sad to lose your belonging during your travel. So, keeping your belonging close to yourself is probably the most obvious reason to not lose it during night travel especially. Most importantly, if it is not lost, they might be broken by some random bus driver assistant. So, stay happy, stay with your belonging.

5.     Don’t buy Direct Tickets to some Destinations


Bus company might convince you to buy direct ticket and you may end up waiting another 6 hours on the transit at the bus terminal. For better option, trying to figure out your destinations and the bus available routes. For instance, travel from Siem Reap to Sihanoulk ville, currently, you need to pass the capital city of Phnom Penh, therefore, it is better to stop over at Phnom Penh and get other tickets to Sihanoulk Ville separately.  Some people get transit 2 times traveling from Siem Reap to Kompot in direct tickets. (Just recommended watch this out)

6.     You can book tickets online


Bookmebus.com and Camboticket.com are the online bus ticketing service in Cambodia. Check them out and get yourself comfortable.

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